My name is Nadeem S. Hassam and I’m a great believer in seeing “every problem as an opportunity”.

I’m also a great believer in organisations being a “great” platform for using Information Technology to enhance operations and to decrease inefficiencies.

But I also believe, it has the potential to be so much more.

As technology has a hand in every part of a business, there is so much more that the IT Manager and the organisation can do to elevate and streamline every aspect of their business. I intend this blog to be a platform to encourage us to think outside of the traditional scope of IT. From “the way it has been done” to “the way it could be done”. Specifically using my background in the hospitality industry.

This blog was started out of a necessity to share my experiences and knowledge so that those who take up the mantle of pursuing a career in Hospitality IT, or are in Hospitality IT or even indeed those who wish to understand what IT people do in hotels/organisations, can learn. However, I do not profess to be the “be all” and “end all” of knowledge. Participation from those who seek knowledge and those who have it or disagree with me, are welcome.

I hope this platform will be a start for many opportunities for all those who come here!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of IT!

BSc Information Systems, Mathematics & Computing, Prince2 Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, ITIL Foundation, Python & Machine Learning Foundation

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I’m a 16 year veteran of the Hospitality industry, having worked in London, UK and Washington DC, USA.

I’m also a graduate of the prestigious Brunel University in London, gaining a degree in Information Systems, Mathematics and Computing.

I was a panelist at the Hotel Data Conference 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, where I was discussing my experiences and the impact of technology, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Data in the hospitality industry.

In September 2021 I was a judge at the Hotel 360 Expo panel for the “Technology Innovation of the Year” award.

As well as this blog, I spend my time working on numerous other projects in Data Analytics, Auto IT mechanics, IT Consultations with organisations ranging from Hotel Groups to Start-Ups.

I am also working on a SaaS application for IT professionals called “NAUAS ARK”. More information to come: http://www.nauasark.com

If you are interested in my services, need investment or connections to a particular network, please feel free to contact me via the contact option at the top of this website.

Or you can connect with me on LinkedIn: Nadeem Hassam | LinkedIn

Or follow me on Twitter: @NadeemSHassam